Questions About A Country! (Blogging Challenge 4)

England is an amazing place. The BPL/EPL (Barclay’s/English Premier League) Great Soccer Players (Andy Carroll + Jamie Vardy) And The Amazing Places like the London Eye and Stone Henge. These are all amazing places in England! But I dont know all the things about England and I really want to know some things! So here are 3 questions

1. What is the population in England,
2. How many tourists go to England every year and
3. What is the best thing you can do there!

There are my 3 Questions, can anyone answer them?

Where I Really Want To Go!! (Blogging Challenge 3)

I really want to go to Broome again because it has many adventures! When I went with my family we went far far away from Broome into the Bungle Bungles where we got to fly in a door less helicopter! It was so fun, well it would’ve been a lot better if my mum wasn’t squeezing onto me the whole time! Anyway, I love climbing and thats what we did most of the time, walking and sleeping under the stars! It was a great time there in Broome and I can’t wait until I can go there again!!

3 Tourist Attractions In Melbourne (Blogging Challenge 2)

The Botanical Gardens is Number 1. There are lots of trees and recommend to adults (really boring for me)! There is a lot of walking if you want to walk around ‘The Botanical Gardens’ and a cafe as well. It is a very good place for adults. Just don’t bring young teenagers!!

The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is Number 2. The Melbourne cricket ground has a tourist walk through and you even get to go on the sidelines! The Melbourne cricket ground is the biggest stadium in Australia… and the ‘Southern Hemisphere’!! It is also the birthplace of cricket!

Luna Park is Number 3. Luna Park was first in 1921 and is in ‘Saint Kilda’ It is a traditional theme park that has really good Season Passes The Luna Parks Most Famous Ride is the Scenic Railway. It is a railtrack that goes around the whole park and give great views of the city and the beach!

I would really recommend a holiday in Melbourne,  it is also a very very cheap place

A year in my town (Blogging Challenge 1)

There are not many festivals in my town, so I’m going to do the City Of Whitehorse. There are many festivals in my area like the ANZAC memorial at the Box Hill RSL or the Blackburn RSL, Whitehorse also have a festival running from Spring to autumn (which I never knew of) There are 50,000 Residents that go and 150 Community Groups absolutely free entry! Though there are not many theme parks in this area, rarely school fares, Whitehorse have some very good developments (Parks)! Whitehorse is good place and very good bike tracks!

My Time In Sydney!


From Friday to Sunday I went high in the sky in Sydney. I went with my dad, step mum, brother and sister, my 2 step brothers and my step sister! We went all the way to Sydney to see Family.

On Friday I went to wet ‘n’ wild with James, Ava and dad. The first ride we were speed racers which had a 120 degree drop and then pushed us up. Soon after we went on the tantrum with lots of humps and bumps! After that we went on a T5 which was a giant cone shape ride. Soon after that we went on the aqua tube which was pitch black and my brother thought it was a smart idea to hop out of the tube AND TIP ME OVER AND SMASH MY HEAD ON THE ROCK HARD WATER SLIDE, I tried to stop and get back on the tube but a huge gust of water tipped me and my brother smashed into my head! Luckily the supervisor wasn’t looking!

Then Saturday came and I realise we were going onto the harbour bridge climb! we leave at 10 to get macdonalds at Darling Harbour, about 1 Kilometre walk! When we arrived we had to wait twenty minutes. We got a cookie each and a powerade to share because it takes about three hours. Then we got called upstairs for preparation, I got into an oversized jumpsuit then we walked out to the lower part of the bridge, about 30 minutes later we got to the ladders when we climbed up the ladders trains were passing at full speed. When we got to the bottom of the ark we walked all the way to the top taking photos on the way. When we finished we walked around the city!! Then we went home and rested

The next day we flew home, I really enjoyed this week and I can’t wait to go to cairns in June and America in September!!

Should we have sport every day at school?

Sport is a very enjoyable thing and most kids want to do it every single day at school, which is not suprising, sport is a very addictive thing

Sport is enjoyable but having it every day means five and a half hours of school and some days there are other extra curriculum’s, and not enough education is not that good! As well if you focus to much on sport you wont get that good of a Job in case you don’t get into the sport.

Having Sport everyday means you can get tired  and also for some people really bored. You could get all tired and sleepy during class time and you don’t want to do that! Though sport is fun falling asleep during class means you wont get to sleep at night

Some people enjoy sport a lot  and still disagree like me. Some people don’t like doing a lot of sport, some people said 1 day off and 1 day on ext: in my class, so you would get 5 days a fortnight and that’s great! Aswell 4 Times a fortnight would be good from a sports teacher!

Sport is a great activity but too much isn’t good for health, I would recommend 2-3 days a week!!

Term Reflection – Includes Glossary!

Barclay! – My first term of being a grade 6er was goooood! I learnt a lot of things! I especially liked doing PLTs – RE and Inquiry! We learnt lots of things on our chromebooks and we learnt it in a funner way than normal! This term and I liked using our chromebooks for learning! I also enjoyed my prep buddy!! I like this term… A LOT – I rate it ✪✪✪✪✪!!

(Glossary – Grade 6er – Grade 6 Person – Chromebooks – Laptop with chrome software – PLT – Personal Learning Task – RE – Religious education – Prep Buddy – A Grade 6 Person Looks after Prep – Prep – A kid that is new to the school – ✪✪✪✪✪ Star Rating)

My Buddy!

This year I’m in year 6! That means I have a buddy! His name is Lachlan!
Lachlan likes to play soccer and Computer games!
He likes this school… A LOT!
His favourite player is Messi from Barcelona!
He also likes playing Football with his brother!
Every lunch I see him playing soccer, even if its 40 Degrees!
Lachie loves wild animals! Lions and Tigers are his favourite!
Lachies Favourite book is ‘Wheres Wally’!

Lachie is a good buddy and I was lucky to get him!

Week 2 Blogging challenge

This week for the blogging challenge we had to write  a blog post. this is what I wrote!

Thank you Sue for this amazing challenge! Last year was really fun and I hope this year is to, to see my posts copy this > < and to see my classes blog copy this > <

That is my post for this weeks blogging challenge, see you soon!