Camp 2016

Camp Rumbug {what I want it to be like}

What are my hopes for camp?
  • I Hope I will get a good cabin with a lot of friends
  • I Have a great time doing activities
  • I Hope the grade 5 boys don’t annoy us
What am I anticipating?
  • I think the food will be yum.
  • I think activities will be fun
What do I want to get out of camp
  • I want to have fun on the activities.
  • Build relationships
What am I looking forward to
  • I’m looking forward to climbing on trees and doing obstacles
  • I’m looking forward to doing the mud run!


The best part was – Doing the activities

The funniest thing was – Jacob W falling into the water twice

The hardest part was – Doing the ‘Pole Forest Team Challenge’

Something I learned – I learned a new sport (Aeroball)

Someone I got to know better – Jacob W, he is really good at balancing

Something that surprised me –  Teachers did some of the activities

Most memorable part – Doing the Giant Swing!