Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island

Rockhopper Penguins are a species of penguins that live on macquarie island, they also live on many other islands. The scientific name for the Rockhopper Penguin is Eudyptes chrysocome

Rockhopper Penguins

Rockhopper Penguins are almost identical to other species of Penguins, with flippers, a white chest and a black back, but the facial features are a little different. They have a crest of yellow and black sharp feathers that cover part of their head. The Rockhopper Penguin has an average lifespan in the wild of about 10 years and are about 50 centimeters tall.

Diet and Predators

Rockhopper Penguins survive on small marine fish like Krill, Crab and Lobster. They also hunt larger marine life like squid. There diets change when they migrate to other places and when the seasons change. Animals that hunt the Rockhopper Penguins consist of Leopard Seals, Killer whales and Sharks.


Rockhopper penguins live on The Macquarie Island, Southern Newzealand The Falkland Islands around Chile and Argentina (South America) and Northern Antarctica, Normally where it is windy.




  • Leopard Seals – A large grey arctic animal that has leopard like spots on his body
  • Migrate – Move from one region or habitat to another according to the seasons
  • Crest – a comb or tuft of feathers on the head of a bird or animal
  • Consist – to be composed or made up of. (The crew consists of 5 men)

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