Inquiry Reflection For Term 3

Welcome Back, I haven’t published a post in a while so I decided to post this Inquiry Reflection on my blog

I thought the inquiry topic this term was quite interesting and I really enjoyed learning about the history of Australia and the Prime Ministers from the past. I chose William Morris Hughes, he was very fascinating because I never knew someone was in parliament for 52 years as well as being government for 7 years as well as during world war 1. I also liked watching the BTN about the history of voting, all the rules about it, I also liked the parliament excursion in the city! How we learnt all about parliament. My favourite part about this inquiry project would’ve been when we did the reenactment of how a law is made. Learning about how Australia became a federation was fun, watching all the BTN’s about federation was interesting and easy to understand. I think the democracy of Australia has been pretty rough, But now it is a lot better than before!

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