Review. Senior S Tasting Station

Senior S Tasting Station

When I entered Senior S Tasting Station the design of the restaurant looked well designed, It  was effective how yu get the food, it was well thought of and it is also easy to get your food

When I walked up to the counter after I knew what to get… my first choice was salad’s dipped in Hummus with a blueberry, When I took a bite I didn’t taste the blueberry, but when I turned my tongue and flipped it that’s when I tasted it,, the blueberry was quite cold, squishy and sweet, It stayed in my mouth for a while which tasted quite unpleasant.

I was amazed because I could see the look on peoples faces of other people’s faces when they had their snack, so I was so enthusiastic to try another one!

Menu :


  • Seaweed Crackers – Fantastic
  • Salada’s – Arnotts
  • Carrots


  • Tzatziki – Black Swan
  • Eggplant Dip – Yumi’s
  • Hummus – Yumi’s


  • Blueberry’s

P.S (this is not real) Repeat… This is not real!!

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