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Australia Dominate Zimbabwe

Matilda’s play a brilliant game scoring 6 and putting a huge amount of pressure on Zimbabwe to only concede one goal.

The way the Matildas played and how much they worked in the first 15 minutes you could already tell the final score, and by halftime, they were smashing Zimbabwe  3 – 0,  but that wasn’t the end of the game.

The match went on and on, and by the 90th minute they were winning 6 – 0, but then with an excellent through ball, Zimbabwe shot into the back of the post and going in! The 1st goal told it all in the 1st minute, but the corners of the ground is where they dominated! Scoring 2, 1 a header and 1 just landing at the foot and tapping it in due to poor marking of a player by Zimbabwe.

Though Zimbabwe did lose there was also some injuries. In  the 55th minute Goalkeeper was put on a  stretcher which they then put on thier substitute keeper, as well as there there midfielder also put on a stretcher, though these injuries are bad it will not affect any of their games since they are knocked out.

There were a few brilliant goals, and some of them were amazing, with headers and  traveller’s (kicking with outside of the boot).  Michelle Hayman scored 2 goals leaving Lisa DeVanna, Clare Polkinghorne, Alanna Kennedy and Kyah Simon with 1 each.

The girls played exceptionally well and they still have some tough games in the future, versing the USA, a great team who have been playing exceptionally well.

The main strength of this team is passing, mainly through balls, that’s how they scored most of their goals, if they did the through balls how they did with Zimbabwe in other games they will have a very strong chance of winning gold in the finals. This match was a shellacking 6 – 1 win, let’s hope these Aussie’s can do even more!

Australian Election 2016 Graph Results

Today for maths our class did graphs about how many votes the federal parties got, this is the on I made: for more information The Liberals got the second amount of votes but beat Labor by 7 seats, this is because it matters how many seats you get, not how many votes, Liberals got 76 seats, Labor got 69 seats and the Greens got 1! Also, Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics

Election Graph

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This is my post we did for maths, I worked out Labor got more votes but not enough in some areas to claim the 76 seats!

Review. Senior S Tasting Station

Senior S Tasting Station

When I entered Senior S Tasting Station the design of the restaurant looked well designed, It  was effective how yu get the food, it was well thought of and it is also easy to get your food

When I walked up to the counter after I knew what to get… my first choice was salad’s dipped in Hummus with a blueberry, When I took a bite I didn’t taste the blueberry, but when I turned my tongue and flipped it that’s when I tasted it,, the blueberry was quite cold, squishy and sweet, It stayed in my mouth for a while which tasted quite unpleasant.

I was amazed because I could see the look on peoples faces of other people’s faces when they had their snack, so I was so enthusiastic to try another one! Continue reading