Term Reflection – Includes Glossary!

Barclay! – My first term of being a grade 6er was goooood! I learnt a lot of things! I especially liked doing PLTs – RE and Inquiry! We learnt lots of things on our chromebooks and we learnt it in a funner way than normal! This term and I liked using our chromebooks for learning! I also enjoyed my prep buddy!! I like this term… A LOT – I rate it ✪✪✪✪✪!!

(Glossary – Grade 6er – Grade 6 Person – Chromebooks – Laptop with chrome software – PLT – Personal Learning Task – RE – Religious education – Prep Buddy – A Grade 6 Person Looks after Prep – Prep – A kid that is new to the school – ✪✪✪✪✪ Star Rating)

My Buddy!

This year I’m in year 6! That means I have a buddy! His name is Lachlan!
Lachlan likes to play soccer and Computer games!
He likes this school… A LOT!
His favourite player is Messi from Barcelona!
He also likes playing Football with his brother!
Every lunch I see him playing soccer, even if its 40 Degrees!
Lachie loves wild animals! Lions and Tigers are his favourite!
Lachies Favourite book is ‘Wheres Wally’!

Lachie is a good buddy and I was lucky to get him!

Week 2 Blogging challenge

This week for the blogging challenge we had to write  a blog post. this is what I wrote!

Thank you Sue for this amazing challenge! Last year was really fun and I hope this year is to, to see my posts copy this > http://williambsl.global2.vic.edu.au/ < and to see my classes blog copy this > http://stlukesstudentblogs.global2.vic.edu.au/ <

That is my post for this weeks blogging challenge, see you soon!


Commas are used for lots of different things, pauses, information and listing things like what I’m doing now… when you use commas you always do the last one an ‘and’ e.g. , , , and… Here is an example!

I like to go to the Park, Beach and the Public pool!