2015 Full Blog Post!

This year was my first year of having an actual blog. I had fun this year and we did lots of things, so I have decided to do a whole year blog post!

Some excursions we went one were Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. We had someone come in from PTV to teach us about Public Transport. We went to Sovereign Hill and Inter school sports. We had twilight sports and went to museum of Victoria!

I did free choice writing and things about Climate change during the year and I have actually enjoyed a lot of it!

To do this post I went through my whole blog and looked at the whole thing. I really like what my teachers have been telling us to do this year!!

We did a lot of tests and Naplan! I also did blogging challenge, I also did confirmation with the grade 6’s! I did Poems and Fundraisers and I incredibly enjoyed this year! I give this year a 5 stars! ☢☢☢☢☢

And the thing is… We still have a Big Day Out, which we go to the Wave Pool, and Kanga Cricket, which we go to the Cricket Ground and Play a Game of Cricket!
This is one of my best years yet!

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary!



At Jawbone Marine Sanctuary we walked around the park, It was a long walk and was healthy! We used the Train to get there (Metro) to get ready for this excursion the day before we planned our journey on the PTV (website- http://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/ ) We made a journey planner  and then we did all these other things like draw what we will- See, Hear, Smell, Think, Fell and Do There We were prepared for this excursion and I was happy we were because we knew what to do!

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The Drinkable Book!

Review Below

The Drinkable book is an amazing invention, It is made of filter paper, 1 piece of paper uses 30 days of clean water, and the whole book is 4 years, for only 1 dollar! and it only cost’s to make, Its like a pure genius INVENTION!! this is an incredible invention and I love it! Easy to use and has facts on every piece of paper!

Surviving Melbournes Weather


Melbourne, A Place In Australia- The Weather Forecast Is Always Wrong and Mainly 9 News, They Think(Were The Best Because Have A 8 Day Forecast, well guess what, NO NEED- ITS ALWAYS WRONG)! But 7 News Cant Talk, They Have The Worst forecast in the world! Imagine we had a forecast guy like the one in England (video below)Something is wrong in Melbourne- (This is what they say) Tomorrows weather is a top of 34 degreases and a low of 27!- Next Day!- Today’s Weather was a top of 21 at 3.00 am and a low of 13 at 2.00 pm- that’s Melbourne for ya! So if you every come to Melbourne, Look Out, The Clouds will haunt you! SO BRING SUPPLY’S! Continue reading

Climate Change-

Today I read an encyclical by pope francis about climate change, after we read and highlighted it we had to answer 1 question, here it is!

What is the evidence that climate change is happening and is caused by human activity?

Well it’s quite obvious that climate change is happening, But People don’t agree, mainly ‘Rich People’. It’s obvious because there is a whole in the ozone layer above australia because we coal and burn it to make it energy. Solar Panels would be better when it comes to protecting the earth but coal generates more power,

And that’s why the earth is getting hotter!

Hope You Enjoyed!