On the 19th of July 2006 a spacecraft launched, and headed for Pluto at 60,000 kilometres per hour!

The New Horizon, a spacecraft the size of a piano, was launched to take photos of Pluto! In 2007, it passed Jupiter and tested a picture. (It was magnificent). The first pictures were taken on the 25th of January and they were blurry but when the 14th of July came they got their clear picture!

Seeing it is so far away, it takes 16 months until they get all the information! The New Horizon is the fastest spacecraft they have ever made, Pluto is a  billion kilometres away!  Now it has done all its collecting of information at Pluto the New Horizon is going to travel to the Kuiper Belt! The Kuiper Belt is beyond the planets and is full of ice things!! Continue reading

Eureka Stockade!

Today I watched BTN and here is my report…

In the 1850’s people came to Sovereign Hill from other countries and soon after a dramatic event occurred!

The Eureka Stockade was in the 1850’s. It was a dramatic event in Australia’s history!
Twenty two miners and 8 solders died after the burning of the licenses. A license cost 30 schillings each!
Being a miner was hard, but you can get lucky! People found huge amounts of gold! But sometimes you couldn’t get much and lives were cut short!

Now there is a museum around where the flag was placed in the 1850’s!

Inter school sports

Today I played inter school sports for my school, We lost all of our games (2)!
We all tried our hardest and we all went in to get the ball. I was originally in soccer rounders but I filled in because they only have 15! It was a fun day and I think we all enjoyed it!

I played centre half back and left back flank which was fun!
That’s all for today’s report
Thanks for reading and bye!