Live Below The Line

Some People live on 2 dollars a day! Ask your parents if you can have 10 dollars and then go to the shops!

I’ve gone to the woolworths catalouge and coles catalouge to look at some food for five days, this is what I’m Ordering

1 twelve pack of donuts $3

1 pack of smiths chips! 40-45 grams $1

1 pack strawberry jam! 250 grams $2.50

Sprite 1.25 liters $1.39

From Coles $7.89

2 loafs of bread $1.70

From Woolworths $1.70

All Together $9.59

Extra! 31cents

Thats All for this post! Thanks!!

Mythical Dino’s

Did Dinosaurs Actually Exist? Here are 2 Videos that shows how they attacked other animals! Just at this one Link!

Dinosaurs are like the biggest myth ever! In my opinion I think that some of the dinosaurs are real but some of the dinosaurs they made are ridiculous and I just am amazed of how they get all the information from things millions of years ago

It’s also amazing that how far they go into this topic and people do this for there whole life time! Dinosaurs have always been a topic I would like but there is more interesting topics that I would enjoy.

Some Very Very Interesting Facts!!

The word dinosaur was from a Greek language and means ‘terrible lizard’.

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for about 130 years strait.

It is believed that dinosaurs lived on Earth until around 65 million years ago when a mass extinction occurred.

Dinosaurs lived during a period of Earth’s history called the Mesozoic.

No one knows exactly how long a dinosaur’s life lasted for. Some scientists speculate some dinosaurs lived for as long as 200 years.

Dinosaurs lived on continents including Antarctica.

Some Dinosaurs’ tails were 45 feet long. It helped them keep balance while running.

This is the final fact and this one is my favorite

The biggest plant eater was the Argentinosaurus. It was up to 98 feet (30 m) long.

That is all I’ve got today, Leave a comment of your favorite dinosaur and tell me if you believe in them!


Barkers! OUT!


Hello, Today I’m talking about the countries I’m going to visit when I’m 18!

Well my favorite country right now is Germany, Also know as Deutschland! I want to fly there with my Opi and he will show me where he grew up! I would also defiantly want to go to a Bayern Munich home game! I would be taking pictures of the food and signs because that is just fun to do! I would be talking to my parents at 6:00 pm and they will receive the message at 10:00 because it 8 hour time difference! It’s a 21 hour flight but I now my plan!!


My Story For Naplan!

There once was a box on a doorstep, and one day when two boys came home they saw they saw the box. It started to rumble, the two boys Tiny Tim and Jack ran towards it, they grabbed it and took it into the backyard. They were just about to open the box and then there mum called “snacks are ready!” Then the boys ran inside for a snack.

It started to rain and the box was left outside. The two boys ran outside after their snacks brought it inside.

They didn’t ope the box and they had to go to bed! The next day they went to school and the box was there. They had to open the box, and what was in there was a little girl! That was one of weirdest days of my life.

Not based on a true story

My Time On This Blog

Hello Everybody!! I’ve had a great time on this blog and I have finally reached 100 Visitors! Thank you everybody for your comments and I’ve had a great time posting for your entertainment!

I love blogging and I want to continue blogging! Its so fun and i’m happy what has happened. Its amazing how I’ve been blogging for one and a half terms!

Thanks for all your support! Will is Out!!