Board Games

Monopoly started a long long time ago in 1903 as a way to demonstrate the evils of land ownership, The current version was published by Park Brothers in 1935.

Also Called, The Fast Dealing Property Trading Game. It is produced by a toy company called Hasbro in the United States

Quick Facts: The Designer are Elisabeth Maggie and Charles Darrow, The Illistrator is Matt Pocock.

The Logo was made in 2009.

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My Holidays

My holidays were fun, I played with my friends and played on my PS3.

During my holidays I played sport, and most of all I had fun! I played with Oli and Jack during the holidays as well as my brother!

I know that most people had fun on there school holidays! I also did go to rosebud for a day and went to the skate-park!

My holidays were fun and I hope yours were!

Comment on what you did and rate your holidays out of ten!

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