Plastic Nightmare!

Busy Using Plastic for your daily shop when 3.5 Million plastic  enter the sea everyday?

Well Australia uses a whopping 5 Billion plastic things a year and 3.5 Million enter the sea a day, but in a year, 1,277,500,000 Bags enter the ocean… Which isn’t good.

The plastic that enters unfortunately kills some sea creatures…. A whale once died when he had 6 meters of rubbish in the stomach.

Well there is one good thing and that is… half the plastic is recycled and used for other things, but eventually they will still go to the ocean or the tip!

So when you go to by something plastic… think where it’s is going to go!

An argument by Will.B


Holiday On The Moon?

Holiday On The Moon?

Well no one ever thought the moon could be a living place! But that’s not what I think.

Scientist have created a Probe that will go to the moon and build a holiday house underground!

The probe, after the building is finished, will return to earth. Scientist are so excited about this mission!!

So don’t think the other way. It is a five star hotel and astronaut helmets are free when you rent the house! So… its coming soon and be ready! Because it could be there soon!!!

That’s the end! By Will!

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Is Rubbish Actually useless, maybe, well it might not be…!

Well… today we watched a video on Upcycling. Which means to recycle something that isn’t normally recycled!!

This is what I believe about rubbish, 1 thing is that not only recyclable things can be recycled… there are lots of things!  Its a bit unfortunate that not a lot of people do this but 50,000 Australians do upcycle. Lots of people just don’t know that rubbish have hundreds of things to do with.

I learn’t lots of things today, well actually all the things I wrote about Upcycling I learn’t today. I think that upcycling should be world wide… as well all the things people litter can be upcycled! Recycling was started a few decades ago and now I personally think that upcycling should start now and all the things we throw we should start to create into new things!!

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Twilight Sports

Hello Again!

On Monday the 2nd of march it was TWILIGHT SPORTS! And I had a fun time doing all my events, RED won with 332 points and green came second with 313 and blue came 3rd but everyone had a fun and exiting time!

In discus I did good! I got 14.80 and my friend angelo got 22.24! Which he got 1st place for of coarse and for shot put I did really well with a length of 5.5 metres!!

Im so happy we had a great time and we also did win! So thats the end for this post! Here are some pictures 


Sports Red Team

Helping Friends!!

Leaving a comment might be hard about thinking! But when its all done, Its there!!

So today I am going to talk about other blogs and them getting bigger and bigger… and a way to get your blog bigger as well is by leaving the URL at the end of the comment!! I visited some blogs and I saw some posts! Here they are!

Joe has this blog and someone called Alison visted it! They had a little conversation and Alison gave good feedback!

Here is the link to Joe’s blog!! Please visit it!!

Thank you Alison,
I love reading feed back from people that look on my blog and people who care about the topics that I write about.
Do you have any ideas to improve my blog?
Thank you Alison.
Bye from Joe.

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