About Me!!!

Hello… Today I will be talking about my life!

Its a fun life I have especially when I have my friend that lives on the end of the street that I live on!! Second of all I have a GIANT bedroom!! I have a GIANT bike and I have a GIANT backyard! I ride my bike to school almost everyday of the week and I ride it on the weekend! I love my sport basketball and Soccer! My Favorite position is center defensive mid and goal keeper! I go to the park! And kick the soccer ball! I play for Nanawading Kangas!!

I love this blog and I will use it 24/7! William OUT!!!

Nuclear Power

Australia might be a really smart country… but think of the things that aren’t really told to us?

Its Surprising that we sell Nuclear Power that could harm human life all around the earth. Well today we just watched a video about this on BTN  (Behind The News) and there have been some really bad accidents that have caused earth to lose Habitat and Life.

Watch Episode 3 Up To Time of… ‘4 Minutes 20 Seconds


Blogging Challenge

Hello for the second time this year!

Today I signed up for a… Blogging Challenge! So this year I am going to be doing things that will be

Interesting, Funny or exciting!

I’m so excited for this challenge and I hope everyone doing this challenge will have a great time to!!!

See you next time and please Comment!!!!!



My name is Will and this year I have been… making friends, talking with friends, working hard, learning things and having fun! I’m in Senior MY and that means my teachers are Mrs MacDonald and Mrs Yore!

So far this year after school Jack and Oliver (Laina) have been coming over to jump on the tramp! Once we played half a game of Fifa! Jack and Oliver played until the had to go… then I played a bit of Ultimate team!

I hope my year keeps on going well! I think I will have a good year!

Thanks For Reading!!!